Areas of Study

Areas of Study Sort descending Degrees Additional information
Accounting MAc, PhD
Acting MFA
Actuarial Science MS
American Studies PhD, MA
Anthropology PhD, MA
Applied Mathematical & Computational Sciences PhD
Art Education MA, MAT
Art History PhD, MA
Astronomy MS
Athletic Training MS
Audiology AuD

Also see the Combined Degree Program in Speech Pathology & Audiology (PhD/AuD).

Biochemical Engineering

See Chemical & Biochemical Engineering (MS or PhD).

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology PhD

See Integrated Biology (MS) or Integrated Biology (PhD).

Biomedical Engineering PhD, MS
Biomedical Science PhD

See Molecular Physiology & Biophysics (PhD)

Biostatistics PhD, MS
Book Arts MFA
Book Studies/Book Arts and Technologies Certificate
Business MBA

(Professional MBA Program, Executive MBA Program, CIMBA MBA Program in Italy)

See Accounting (MAc, PhD), Economics (PhD), Finance (PhD), Marketing (PhD), and Combined Degree Programs in Business Administration.

Business Analytics PhD, MS, Certificate
Cancer Biology

See Biomedical Science (PhD).

Cell & Developmental Biology

See Biomedical Science (PhD).

Chemical & Biochemical Engineering PhD, MS
Chemistry PhD
Civil & Environmental Engineering PhD, MS
Classics PhD, MA
Clinical Anatomy MCA
Clinical Investigation MS
Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA
Clinical Nutrition MCN
Clinical Psychology

See Psychology (PhD).

Communication Studies PhD, MA
Community & Behavioral Health PhD
Computer Engineering

See Electrical & Computer Engineering (MS or PhD).

Computer Science MS, MCS, PhD

See Combined Degree Programs in Computer Science.

Counseling Psychology PhD
Counselor Education & Supervision PhD
Couple & Family Therapy PhD
Creative Writing MFA
Criminology PhD
Dance MFA
Data Science MS
Dental Public Health MS
Dentistry DDS

Also see Dental Public Health (MS), Endodontics (Certificate), Geriatric & Special Needs Dentistry (Certificate), Operative Dentistry (Certificate), Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology (Certificate), Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology (Certificate), Oral Science (MS or PhD), Orthodontics (MS), Pediatric Dentistry (Certificate), Periodontics (Certificate), or Prosthodontics (Advanced Education Program).

Design MFA
Directing MFA
Doctor of Juridical Science SJD
Doctor of Pharmacy

See the Combined Degree Programs in Pharmacy.

Dramaturgy MFA
Earth and Environmental Sciences PhD, MS
Economics PhD
Educational Administration: PK-12 Administration EdD
Educational Leadership PhD, EdS, MA
Educational Measurement & Statistics PhD, MA
Electrical & Computer Engineering PhD, MS
Endodontics Certificate

See Biomedical Engineering (MS or PhD), Chemical & Biochemical Engineering (MS or PhD), Civil & Environmental Engineering (MS or PhD), Electrical and Computer Engineering (MS or PhD), Industrial Engineering (MS or PhD), or Mechanical Engineering (MS or PhD).

See also Combined Degree Programs in Engineering.


See Creative Writing (MFA), Literary Studies (MA or PhD), or Nonfiction Writing (MFA).

English Education MA, MAT
Environmental Engineering

See Civil & Environmental Engineering (MS or PhD).

Epidemiology PhD, MS
Experimental Pathology

See Biomedical Science (PhD).

Family & Couple Therapy

See Couple & Family Therapy (PhD).

Film & Video Production MFA
Film Studies PhD, MA
Finance PhD, MS
Free Radical & Radiation Biology

See Biomedical Science (PhD).

French & Francophone World Studies PhD, MA
Genetics PhD
Geography PhD, MA

See Earth and Environmental Sciences (MS or PhD).

Geriatric & Special Needs Dentistry Certificate
Greek MA
Health & Human Physiology PhD, MS
Health Management & Policy MHA, Executive MHA

See Combined Degree Programs in Health Management & Policy.

Health Services & Policy PhD, MS
Health, Management, & Policy Research MS
Higher Education & Student Affairs PhD, EdD, MA
History PhD, MA
Human Toxicology Program PhD
Immunology PhD
Industrial and Systems Engineering PhD, MS
Informatics PhD, MS
Integrated Biology MS, PhD

See Integrated Biology (MS) or Integrated Biology (PhD).

K-12 Equity and Inclusion Certificate
Latin MA
Law JD

See Master of Laws (LLM), Doctor of Juridicial Science (SJD)

See also Combined Degree Programs in Law.

Learning Sciences and Educational Psychology PhD, MA
Library and Information Science MA

See Combined Degree Programs in Library & Information Science.

Linguistics PhD, MA

See Combined Degree Program in Linguistics (BA/MA with a focus in Teaching English as a Second Language).

Literacy Culture and Language Education PhD
Literary Studies PhD, MA
Literary Translation MFA
Management PhD
Marketing PhD
Mass Communication PhD, MA
Master of Laws Program LLM
Mathematics PhD, MS
Mathematics Education PhD, MA, MAT
Mechanical Engineering PhD, MS
Medical Education MME
Medicine MD
Medicine Graduate Programs

See Biochemistry (PhD), Cell & Developmental Biology (PhD), Free Radical & Radiation Biology (PhD), Genetics (PhD), Human Toxicology (PhD), Microbiology (PhD), Molecular Physiology & Biophysics (PhD), Pathology (MS), Pharmacology (PhD), Physical Therapy (DPT), Physician Assistant Program (MPAS).

Microbiology PhD
Molecular Medicine

See Biomedical Science (PhD).

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics

See Biomedical Science (PhD).

Multilingual Education MA
Music PhD, DMA, MA
Music Education PhD, MA
Neuroscience PhD
Nonfiction Writing MFA
Occupational & Environmental Health PhD, MS
Online Teaching Certificate
Operative Dentistry Certificate
Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology Certificate
Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology Certificate
Oral Science PhD, MS
Orthodontics MS
Pathology MS
Pediatric Dentistry Certificate
Periodontics Certificate

See Biomedical Science (PhD).

Pharmacy PharmD, PhD, MS

See Combined Degree Programs in Pharmacy.

Philosophy PhD, MA
Physical Rehabilitation Science PhD, MA
Physical Therapy DPT
Physician Assistant Program MPAS
Physics PhD, MS
Physiology & Biophysics

See Molecular Physiology & Biophysics (PhD).

Playwriting MFA
Political Science PhD, MA
Prosthodontics Certificate
Psychology PhD
Public Affairs MPAff
Public Health MPH

See Biostatistics (MS or PhD), Clinical Investigation (MS), Community & Behavioral Health (MS or PhD), Epidemiology (MS or PhD), Executive Health Management & Policy (EMHA), Health Management & Policy (MHA), Health Services & Policy (PhD), and Occupational & Environmental Health (MS or PhD).

See also Combined Degree Programs in Public Health.

Rehabilitation Counseling Program MA
Religious Studies PhD, MA
School Counseling MA
School Psychology PhD, EdS
Science Education PhD, MS, MAT
Second Language Acquisition PhD
Social Studies Education MA
Social Work PhD, MSW

See Combined Degree Programs in Social Work.

Sociology PhD, MA
Spanish PhD, MA
Spanish Creative Writing MFA
Special Education PhD, MA
Speech & Hearing Science PhD
Speech-Language Pathology MA

See Audiology (AuD), Speech & Hearing Science (PhD), and the Combined Degree Program (PhD/AuD).

Sport and Recreation Management MA
Stage Management MFA
Statistics PhD, MS
STEM Education MS
Strategic Communication MA
Sustainable Development MS
Sustainable Water Development Certificate Certificate
Teaching Leadership and Cultural Competency MA
Theatre Arts

See Acting (MFA), Design (MFA), Directing (MFA), Dramaturgy (MFA), Playwriting (MFA), and Stage Management (MFA).

Translational Biomedicine MS
Urban & Regional Planning MS

See Combined Degree Programs in Urban & Regional Planning.

World Languages Education MAT