The Certificate in Online Teaching (COT) is offered to degree- and non-degree seeking graduate students. Students who are degree-seeking graduate students are those accepted into and enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Iowa. Non-degree seeking graduate students are post-baccalaureate students who have not been accepted into a graduate program at the University of Iowa. Please refer to the appropriate section depending on your student status.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

Tuition and fees vary by degree program and the type of student you are.

Application Procedures

Degree-seeking Graduate Students

  1. Discuss the COT with your advisor.
  2. Complete and submit the COT Enrollment Form.

Non-degree seeking Graduate Students

  1. Complete the University of Iowa non-degree online application form. Check the Certificate circle and choose “Online Teaching” in the drop-down menu.  With this application you will need to submit an official transcript and you will be billed a $55 application fee at the time of enrollment.
  2. Given submission of the appropriate materials, your enrollment application will be reviewed and the Coordinator of the Certificate in Online Teaching will be informed of your intentions.
  3. Complete and submit the COT Enrollment Form to the COT Coordinator. You may complete this form at the same time as you submit the non-degree online application form.

Certificate in Online Teaching (COT) Coordinator
Kathy Schuh
Associate Professor
Educational Psychology Program

Enrollment Management
The University of Iowa
2900 University Capitol Centre
201 S. Clinton St.
Iowa City, IA 52242