College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (Graduate Programs)

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is home to many of Iowa's highest-ranking graduate programs, including those in the areas of the fine arts, audiology, biological sciences, sociology, political science, English, history, psychology, paleontology, social psychology, and speech pathology, among others. The college also is home to the world-renowned Iowa Writers' Workshop.

Graduate programs in liberal arts and sciences
The college's 40 departments and divisions in the arts, humanities, social sciences, mathematical sciences, and natural sciences offer nearly 50 graduate programs, and CLAS faculty members contribute to many interdisciplinary doctoral programs offered through the Graduate College, including genetics, neuroscience, and foreign language acquisition, research, and education.

Degrees in CLAS graduate programs are awarded by the Graduate College. Interested students submit application materials to the Graduate College and to the academic department or interdisciplinary program offering the instruction.

A-Z List of Graduate Programs in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Combined degree programs
Iowa has several programs allowing graduate students to earn two degrees simultaneously.

Combined Degree Programs