College of Public Health

The University of Iowa College of Public Health offers training and education in biostatistics, community and behavioral health, epidemiology, health management and policy, and occupational and environmental health.

Graduate programs in public health
Students interested in these programs should apply to the Graduate College and meet the admission requirements of the academic department offering the instruction.

  • Biostatistics (MS or PhD)
  • Clinical Investigation (MS)
  • Community & Behavioral Health (MS or PhD)
  • Epidemiology (MS or PhD)
  • Executive MHA (EMHA)
  • Health Management & Policy (MHA)
  • Health Services & Policy (PhD)
  • Occupational & Environmental Health (MS or PhD)
  • Master of Public Health (MPH)

Certificate in Public Health
The Certificate in Public Health program is designed to strengthen knowledge and skills in basic public health competencies. All courses for the Certificate in Public Health may be taken online.

Certificate in Public Health

Combined degree programs
Consider combining your master's degree in public health with an MD or JD.

Combined Degree Programs