US Citizens & Permanent Residents


These are the estimated annual expenses for first-year DDS students enrolled for 12 or more semester hours in the fall and spring semesters.

  Iowa Residents Nonresidents
Tuition & Fees* $45,508 $69,728
Laboratory Expendable Supplies 1,900 1,900
Instrument Breakage Fee** 100 100
Mandatory Health Insurance 1,980 1,980
SSIMS Usage Fee*** 7,900 7,900
Other Expenses**** 2,628 2,628
Books 3,020 3,020
Living Expenses***** 15,960 15,960
Total $78,996 $103,216

* This includes the following fees: technology, art and cultural events, student activity, student services, student union, building, and health.

** Payable the first year and refundable upon graduation.

*** The College maintains a Supply-Sterilization-Instrument Management System (SSIMS) that provides most of the instruments and supplies you will need throughout your training. This annual fee decreases each year, dropping to $5,200 your second year, to $3,900 your third year, and to $1,325 your fourth year.

**** Cost of background check, vaccinations, and miscellaneous lab expenses.

*****Living expenses reflect the estimated annual student costs of housing, transportation, food, and other personal expenses based on federal financial aid guidelines (family expenses not included), according to the UI Office of Student Financial Aid.