Most academic departments offer Assistantships to graduate students who are interested in teaching or conducting research in their field of study. The positions are a great way to expand your education and earn extra cash.

What We Offer

You can teach or conduct scholarly research in top-ranked programs led by talented and ambitious faculty members.

  • Talented instruction. Our faculty includes researchers known around the world for their Scholarly Research.
  • World-class facilities. Iowa's researchers and scholars have access to State-of-the-Art Research Facilities, including the National Advanced Driving Simulator and the Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing, among others.
  • Access to funding. Iowa has Collegiate Funding Sources for graduate student research, and searchable electronic databases listing External Funding sources.
  • Licensing support. Once your research begins, we have the UI Research Foundation to help you take your work to the next level, whether it means starting your own business or patenting a product.

Our Track Record

Since the University was founded in 1847, Iowa research has led to the development of buffered aspirin, blood banking, educational testing, the Gallup Poll and the Van Allen Radiation Belts, among many other achievements. But our research prowess doesn't stop there. Iowa also has:

  • Collected more than $588.88 million in External Research Funding in fiscal year 2019. Funding has supported research on cancer, genetics, space physics, cystic fibrosis, public health, and many other fields.
  • According to the most recent National Science Foundation survey (2015), the UI is ranked 49th among all U.S. universities in terms of federal expenditures for research and development.
  • The National Institutes of Health (NIH) continues to be the University's largest sponsor of federally funded research, contributing more than $171.6 million to UI research in fiscal year 2019. 
  • The UI Research Foundation, which filed 110 patent applications for inventions in fiscal year 2015, and earned more than $92 million in industry-sponsored research.
  • UIVentures, which fosters economic development within the state and beyond, connecting external industries with university innovation, expertise, and entrepreneurship.
  • The University of Iowa Research Park, which helps firms establish working relationships with UI faculty scientists, physicians, and engineers. It is home to the National Advanced Driving Simulator, the UI Hygienic Laboratory, and the UI Center for Advanced Drug Development.