The University Billing Office generates electronic University Bills (U-Bills) on the first of each month. Each month there is activity on a student's U-bill account, the office sends a reminder to the student's e-mail account. Contracted charges include tuition, fees, and room and board. These are billed June 1 for the summer session, August 1 for the fall session, December 1 for the winter session, and January 1 for the spring session.

Payment Options

  • Full payment—You pay all contracted charges in the first month of each semester.
  • University's Deferred Payment Plan—You pay each semester's contracted charges in three monthly payments for a fee of $20 per term. To enroll in this plan, simply pay the minimum monthly payment on your first U-bill.

Miscellaneous Charges

Miscellaneous charges (e.g. bookstore or food purchases, library or parking fines) also will be added to your U-bill. Regardless of which payment option you choose, you will receive a U-bill any month in which you have charges or payments on your account. Your bill will detail your current balance, miscellaneous charges, and your minimum monthly payment. By paying at least the minimum, you avoid having your registration restricted and being assessed a $25 reinstatement fee.

Additional Information

For more detailed information about the billing and payment process, please review the information offered by the University Billing Office and the Office of the Registrar.