Students holding a 25% or greater teaching or research assistantship appointment (covered by the COGS bargaining unit) are assured a minimum tuition scholarship of $3,807 per semester ($7,614 per academic year). This does not include scholarships for summer session enrollment.

  • Applications for graduate assistantships can be found in your admissions profile in MyUI if available
    (availablility varies by program).

In general, people who have fellowships or assistantships quarter-time or more are classified as Iowa residents for tuition and fee purposes during the terms in which their appointments are held and any adjacent summer sessions in which they are enrolled.


These are some of the University's most prominent fellowship opportunties. Be sure to also visit the Graduate College Website for information.

  • Presidential Graduate Fellowships* are five-year awards. Doctoral students receive a minimum annual stipend of $24,000 plus tuition for as many as four years. In the final year, recipients receive $25,500 annually plus full tuition. For three of the five years and all summers, recipients have no assignments and are free to pursue their own studies, research, and writing.
  • Iowa Arts Fellowships* are two-year awards for first-year UI graduate students entering MFA programs. They carry a stipend of $18,500 for the academic year, plus full tuition only.
  • Dean's Graduate Fellowships* are for first-year graduate students underrepresented in their academic field of study. Doctoral students carry a 12-month stipend of $22,000 plus full tuition for the academic year. First-year master’s students from underrepresented groups receive a stipend of approximately $20,000 plus full tuition.

* Students must be nominated by their department for these awards.