Students in the JD Program apply to and receive their degree from the College of Law. The program accepts first-year and transfer students, although the application procedures differ for each type of applicant. Iowa also offers several Combined Degree Programs in Law.

Admission Requirements

First-Year Applicants:
The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) is required.

Admission Requirements
English Language (TOEFL) Requirements

Transfer Applicants:
The University of Iowa College of Law encourages transfer applications from law school students who believe that the College of Law is a good fit for fulfilling their professional goals and objectives. You must have completed at least one full academic year of law school by June of the year in which you are seeking the transfer, and the courses must have been completed at an ABA-accredited law school. Only 30 hours of credit may be transferred from another law school. When evaluating your first year's performance, we primarily look at your law school rank. All files are reviewed on an individual basis.

English Language (TOEFL) Requirements

Estimated Cost of Attendance

Tuition and fees vary by degree program and the type of student you are.

Application Deadlines

First-Year Applicants:
The deadline to apply for fall 2017 is May 1, 2017.

Transfer Applicants:
Transfer students may apply for fall semester admission only. The transfer application deadline is June 1.
Advanced Standing JD for Foreign-Trained Lawyers deadline is May 1.

Application Procedures

First-Year Applicants:
Application Checklist

Transfer Applicants:
Materials supporting your online application (below) should be on file in the College of Law as soon as possible after the June 1 application deadline. All of these items must be received by the College of Law before your application will be considered:

  • Your Credential Assembly Service (CAS) report
  • Your official law school transcript
  • A report of your law school class rank
  • A letter of good standing from the dean of your law school
  • Letters of recommendation from your current law school that evaluate your work during your first year
  • A two-page personal statement explaining why you want to transfer from your current school to the University of Iowa College of Law, and addressing the following topics:
    • Why do you wish to study law?
    • What has been your most significant accomplishment?
    • How would you contribute to our law school community and the legal profession?
    • Describe any life experiences that would indicate your drive, determination, motivation, or leadership characteristics.


First-Year Applicants:
First-Year Applicants must apply through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) at:

Transfer Applicants:
Transfer applicants complete a different application than first-year applicants. The application is only available  at Law School Admission Council (LSAC) at:

Advaned Standing JD for Foreign-Trained Lawyers
More Information about the program
The application is only available  at Law School Admission Council (LSAC) at:


Contact Information

College of Law Admissions Office
The University of Iowa
280 Boyd Law Building
Iowa City, IA 52242-1113

Office of Admissions
The University of Iowa
107 Calvin Hall
Iowa City, IA 52242-1396