What We Offer

The breadth of Iowa's program offerings means you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with people in many other disciplines, and graduate students work one-on-one with faculty mentors in most departments.

  • Talent. The faculty includes about 1,400 tenured and tenure-track professors, including three Pulitzer Prize winners and several members of the most prestigious scholarly academies.
  • Research support. Our faculty has collected more than $5 billion in External Funding for Research since 1967, and there are internal sources of funding for graduate student research, as well.
  • Groundbreaking achievements. Accomplishments by Iowa faculty led to the development or discovery of buffered aspirin, blood banking, educational testing, the Gallup Poll, and the Van Allen Radiation Belts, among many other things.

UI Faculty Achievements

Iowa's faculty includes three Pulitzer Prize winners (journalism professor Steve Berry and Writers' Workshop faculty members Marilynne Robinson and James Alan McPherson), a Guggenheim Fellowship winner, and two National Medal of Science winners.

The faculty also is well represented in the nation's most prestigious scholarly institutes and academies:

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (34 members)
  • American Academy of Nursing (24 fellows)
  • Institute of Medicine (17 members)
  • American Academy of Arts & Sciences (12 members)
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute (4 investigators)
  • National Academy of Sciences (4 members)
  • National Academy of Engineering (1 member)

A few recent accomplishments include:

  • Tim Barrett, an adjunct professor and researcher in the UI Center for the Book won a prestigious MacArthur Foundation fellowship (commonly known as a "genius" grant) in 2009.
  • Mathematics professor Philip Kutzko received a Presidential Award of Excellence in 2009 for his mentoring of minority students in mathematics.
  • Finance Professor Erik Lie was named one of 2007's most influential people in the world by Time magazine for his groundbreaking research on executive stock option backdating.